Forum Confidential

What would you give for the ability to tap into the minds of fellow business owners who can offer you direction based on their life experiences? At Entrepreneurs’ Organization, small groups of like-minded entrepreneur members meet for monthly Forum meetings to facilitate learning and life-changing growth through the sharing of their most intimate personal and business experiences. 

On the Forum Confidential podcast, get a taste of EO’s unique peer-to-peer experience sharing program as we highlight EO member stories of inspiration, struggle, innovation and success. Each episode, we’ll travel across the globe to connect with members from different regions as they share the top 5% and bottom 5% of their journey, leveraging their lessons learned to offer unparalleled entrepreneurial support and advice. 

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The Hosts


Tracy Neal is an EO Sacramento member and based in Sacramento, California in US West region.

Founder of CPG Data, LLC

Erik ten Have is from EO Indonesia chapter and located in Jakarta, Indonesia in Asia Pacific region.

Currently running One Door Down Ltd. and Millenial Power

Marina Byezhanova is a member of EO Montreal where she is currently based in Canada.
Owner of Pronexia Inc.

Nir Zavaro is from Tel-Aviv and a member of EO Israel which is part of the Europe region.

Runs Streetwise N.Z Ltd.

Gian Marco Palazio is an EO Nicaragua and based in Managua, Nicaragua, part of LAC region.

Owner of Casco Safety

Abeer Qumsieh hails from Amman, Jordan where she is a member of EO Jordan in the MEPA region.

Founder of Better Business

James Li is from Beijing and a member of EO China North in North Asia region.

Runs Fanink Research

Kanika Dewani is an EO Nagpur member from South Asia region.

Currently running Premier Lifestyle

Carmen Fiorilli is from Cleveland, Ohio and part of the EO Cleveland chapter in US Central region.

Owner of Fiorilli Construction

Derek Harp is an EO Atlanta member in US East region and currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Founder of The Cyber List, LLC

Katty Douraghy is based in Los Angeles, California and member of EO San Francisco in US West region.

Currently runs Artisan Creative